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Tuition Services

Our tutors offer weekly face to face and online tuition.
Regular tuition complements school or home education and allows students to comfortably prepare for upcoming exams.

The Education Hotel can guide a family from secondary school selection, to acceptance and beyond.
Our dedicated team is committed to securing the right school for your child.

Residential tutors stay with families from a few days to several months.
Many students request residential tuition to allow them to comfortably prepare for upcoming exams or simply for help with school work.
Residential tuition also allows students to focus on areas that may not be covered in school such as business, languages or sport.

If you are thinking about a U.K. university application, the Education Hotel can support you every step of the way.
Through regular meetings with students and their families we can demystify the process of applying to a U.K. university.

No one child is the same and neither is their pathway to success. Our team of advisors, tutors and mentors support children to find the right path for them.

The Education Hotel is a bespoke tutoring service offering worldwide premium tuition to children of all ages and nationalities. Our friendly team and dedicated tutors take the time to get to know your family, ensuring you receive the best solutions tailored to your needs. Clients receive a personalised service with discretion guaranteed.

We have helped 100’s of students from across the world to make successful applications to UK schools and universities.  We achieve results with careful planning, outstanding educators and supportive mentors.

Our advisors and tutors work with families to unlock a student’s potential. Our tutors are enthusiastic, driven and cultured individuals with the highest academic backgrounds. The Education Hotel sees tutors as role models, whose task is to nurture and inspire students.


Case studies

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Top Articles

Our director, Jemma Zoe Smith is often asked to write for educational magazines and newspapers.


Education Hotel assessed and quickly identified that my daughter was not being stretched at school. The tutor came up with imaginative and suitable exercises for her to do to keep her engaged and switched on with the school process.

L's Mother - online tuition


Jemma is an expert in her field. She has calmly led our whole family through the UK application process. My daughter’s confidence has grown and I have stopped worrying.

Mother of B-residential tuition California


Our tutor tutored my three children all at different stages of secondary school education and with different needs.  He quickly grasped their individual requirements and tutored them each in a unique way according to their personalities and learning styles.  All three children benefited from the tutor’s calm, organised teaching style and appreciated being treated as individuals.

Y, K and R's Mother


Our tutor is outstanding. She is professional, intelligent and an expert. Her hard work has had a significant influence improving our daughters confidence, focus, performance and ultimately grades. Our daughters latest school report is now much stronger in physics and maths. 4 months until GCSE’s!

[A]s Mother - in person part-time tuition


D was very complimentary of the pictorial mind map revision techniques suggested to him by his tutor this week. He has found them very useful in the approach to his next set of his exams. Please pass on thanks.

D's Teacher - online tuition


I just wanted to say thank you so much. You were absolutely invaluable and he has enjoyed the sessions so much – a huge achievement on your part in itself. A has passed his entrance exams and will be attending Eton this September.

A's Mother - short term intensive tuition