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Your child is unique. Their likes, dislikes, successes and struggles make them their own person. They have their own dreams and will follow their own pathway to success. So when looking for tuition, you want someone who can guide them and help them tread this path.

This is where The Education Hotel can help. Our friendly team and dedicated tutors take the time to get to know your family, ensuring you receive the best solution tailored to your needs. Clients receive a personalised service with discretion guaranteed.

We support students aged 6-18 all over the globe. Whether you want to enter a particular school, improve your child’s confidence in a subject or work with a tutor team to provide home education, The Education Hotel is always there to answer your questions, mentor your child and cheer them on to success.


Is your child struggling to understand Physics? Has your child received poor mock exam marks? Is their confidence in a subject dropping? Or maybe you are targeting a particular school for 11+ and are struggling to teach your child at home?
Our supportive, expert tutors offer 1:1 attention to help students with their specific needs – exam technique, stretch and challenge or simply taking the time to explain a concept in a way they understand.
Regular tuition complements school or home education and allows students to comfortably prepare for upcoming exams.

Do you want to access The Education Hotel’s best tutors, but want your child to study with others? Does your child need an extra boost with their revision?
Our online courses tackle the trickiest areas of study and allow students to access group classes online. They are led by our top tutors and support students preparing for 11+, GCSE or A level exams. Our courses all include homework, reports and come with recordings in case your child misses a day.

Do you only have time for tuition during the holidays? Do you want to boost your child’s knowledge before exams, or work on specific skills over a few days?
Our Holiday courses last 1-3 weeks and students learn the skills and exam technique to boost their grades and their confidence! Students study in small groups and are supported outside of class with tailored homework tasks, personalised feedback and recordings of the lessons

Are you looking for something to support your child at home?
From 11+ Vocabulary Flashcards, to our GCSE Success Planner – our resources are written by our team and contain the same great advice as a student would receive from any of our mentors or tutors.

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