11+ FAQs

Do you run group courses? Yes, typically during the school holidays and half-terms. Please check our website under the tab ‘Support’ for information on courses we have coming up.

What is the Baseline Assessment? 

Our Baseline Assessments  are a great way to start your 11+ tuition.  The short online assessment is a digital test for your child that covers the same academic challenges as a typical  11+ exam. Chiefly, the test assists our team in finding the right tutor for your child and helps you and your future tutor discover areas that may need improvement.

How do you choose my tutor? The Education Hotel takes into account the needs of your family by talking with clients over the phone or by email. When The Education Hotel’s admin team feels confident that they have all the information they need to proceed, a tutor is selected and then put forward. Any tutor we present will be DBS checked, will have had extensive teaching experience, will come from the highest academic background and will have been interviewed personally by our Director.

How long does it take to find a tutor? Finding a tutor can typically take up to 7 working days. However, the process can take longer if clients have specialist requirements or if demand for tutors is higher than usual.

What happens if I don’t like my tutor? After meeting with a tutor, if a client feels as if the tutor is not a correct fit, The Education Hotel will endeavour to find a replacement when possible.

Do you do trial lessons? No, however, after a tutor is selected a 15min introductory video call is arranged between the tutor and the client. During this call, The Education Hotel suggests engaging your child in 5/10 mins of teaching with a tutor to help to get a feel for their teaching style.

Do you do discounts for siblings and can my children be in the same class for 11+? Unfortunately not, The Education Hotel is dedicated to offering high quality one to one tuition that is tailored to each child

Where does tuition take place? Online lessons can usually be done on most of the well known platforms (Zoom, Facetime, Skype ect.). For face to face lessons, tuition is typically done at a client’s home or in a suitable public place, such as a library. Tuition is never offered at a Tutor’s home.

How many sessions are booked in advance for lessons? Client’s pay for 4 lessons in advance every month on the 5th.

What happens if I have more than 4 lessons per month? Clients will be invoiced for extra lessons on the last day of every month. They will be charged for the extra lesson(s) 5 days later on the 5th.

What happens if I have less than 4 lessons in one month? Lessons cannot be carried over into the next month unless a lesson was missed because the tutor was at fault.

What happens if I’m moving house, having birthdays ect.? The Education Hotel expects a weekly commitment of lessons for 11+ tuition. If you need to stop or pause tuition you must let The Education Hotel know as soon as possible (info@educationhotel.co.uk) and give 2 weeks notice before the 5th of the month when clients are charged. Clients should also communicate with their tutor as well as The Education Hotel about stopping or pausing tuition.

How much notice do I have to give before stopping or pausing tuition? At least 2 weeks notice before the 5th of the month.

Example: My child started English tuition, but now wants to change their subject? If you would like to change subjects, typically a new tutor will need to be found. It can take up to 7 working days to find a tutor depending on demand or specialism. 2 weeks notice must be given before the 5th when stopping tuition.

My child is unwell and cannot attend their lesson? Tutors require 48hrs notice before cancelling a lesson. If you have decided on a regular lesson slot with your tutor and the tutor has a busy schedule, it is the tutor’s prerogative as to when a lesson can be rearranged for. Any lessons missed due to illness that cannot be rescheduled are non-refundable. Rescheduled lessons also require 48hrs notice if there is a cancellation.

What additional 11+ support do I get? Clients who have had more than one lesson with The Education Hotel are eligible to join our ‘Members Club’. The members club gives access to a host of free resources, including past papers and educational videos. Clients will also be the first to receive information about our 11+ holiday courses and can book a free 10 min call with our Director, Jemma Zoe Smith.

Can you recommend books/resources for the 11+? Tutors will typically be able to recommend books, alternatively, clients can email The Education Hotel for advice. The Education Hotel has also created several books for the 11+ which are available on Amazon. Visit our resources page on our website to find out more.

Can you tell me which school is best for my family? Choosing the right school is a complex and nuanced process. To help in this area, The Education Hotel’s sister company Top School & Uni offers a ‘School Placement Service’.

Can I talk to the Director if I am not taking tuition with The Education Hotel? Unfortunately not, however, The Education Hotel offers a paid service for a one hour advice sessions with our Director.

Why can’t I have a tutor who covers both Maths and English? The 11+ exam can be extremely competitive, we believe that families stand the best chance of success with separate specialised tutors who focus on one subject during the lesson.

Do tutors provide books? 

Tutors do not provide books, but they will suggest materials during tuition. Please feel free to contact your tutor for reading recommendations.

What is the method of teaching? 

Your tutor will follow The Education Hotel’s popular 11+ Success Programme. Our programmes are not rigid, tutors tailor their lessons to each student based on their Baseline Assessment (see above) and their target schools. This ensures that your child will cover everything that they need to know, that lessons are customised to their interests and that lessons focus on the areas that need improvement for their target schools.

No more covering parts of the syllabus that are not relevant for your target schools.

What other free benefits do I receive when I begin tuition?

  • A Welcome Pack – full of information and goodies
  • Baseline Assessment (see above)
  • Recorded video training for parents on how to support your child using our S.U.C.C.E.S.S system
  • Online group meetings with our Director 3 times a year – a great opportunity to ask questions.
  • An automatic 20% discount on 11+ group courses nd other services via our partner company Top School and Uni
  • Access to our exclusive Members Club – free videos, exam papers and other resources.

How do I access reports? Once you have started lessons, reports are stored on your Tutorcruncher profile which is set up for you. Simply log into your account and click on the ‘lesson reports’ button stored in the menu on the left hand side of the screen.

How do I pay my bills? Clients are charged for 4 lessons every month on 5th via a credit or debit card stored on Tutorcruncher (our online platform). Any extra lessons you have will be invoiced for at the end of the month and charged 4 days later.

How do I change my payment method? If you would like to change the card you have stored on tutorcruncher, Simply log into your account, click on the ‘dashboard’ button in the menu and then click the ‘add new card’ button. To remove a card, click on the ‘edit payment methods’ button and then click on the red trash can icon on the right hand side next your card details.

I want a tutor who has prepared students for a specific school? Depending on the school this can be done, however, this request will limit the number of tutors we can present. Ordinarily The Education Hotel will present an experienced tutor who has prepared students for a similar school to the one a family is looking at.

What’s the difference between ‘premier’ and ‘standard’ priced tuition? ‘Premier’ 11+ tuition is reserved for lastminute/urgent bookings and scholarship tuition, this service costs more than ‘standard’ tuition.

What is the Education Hotel’s success rate? Typically success rates are around 95%.

I want a tutor I have seen on The Education Hotel’s website? All tutors listed on our website are active, however, their availability will depend on their current demand. The Education Hotel cannot guarantee any of those specific tutors will be available.

Where can I get a mock interview or assessment? The Education Hotel’s sister company Top School & Uni offers both services for ‘Mock Interviews’ and ‘Academic Assessments’.

How do you select your tutors? All of The Education Hotel’s tutors come from the highest academic backgrounds, specialising in a full array of subjects at all levels. Prospective tutors are carefully screened, DBS checked and interviewed by our Director before becoming a tutor. We work with a small network of highly trusted professionals, only actively seeking out new employees when our clients have specific needs.

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