11+ Terms & Conditions

 The Education Hotel

The Education Hotel acts as an introductory agent and is authorised by the tutors on our books to enter into contracts on their behalf. The Education Hotel will do this by taking your enquiry and recommending a suitable tutor. Once The Education Hotel has emailed you the confirmation of the tutor you have agreed to engage, a contract will come into existence between you, the tutor and The Education Hotel.

Placement Fee 11+ Tuition

The Education Hotel expects all of it’s clients to sign up to our online platform Tutorcruncher. During this process clients will be given an opportunity to digitally review and agree to The Education Hotel’s Terms & Conditions.

To engage the services of The Education Hotel in identifying the most suitable tutor for their requirements and in engaging with subsequent tutors/subjects, clients are required to pay a fee (£5) called a ‘Placement Fee’.

This fee is payable if the client requests The Education Hotel to present them with a tutor, and the subject being taught has been confirmed by the client.  

The Placement Fee (£5) must be paid before The Education Hotel begins to look for a tutor, this is paid by card via our online platform Tutorcruncher. The fee is non-refundable in the event that the lessons do not continue beyond an introduction, unless the lessons are terminated by the fault of the tutor, or unless This Education Hotel is satisfied that the tutor is unsuitable.

The value of the Placement Fee may increase due to the sophistication of the work required and the urgency of the request, the amount will be made clear by a member of The Education Hotel’s team before payment is taken.The Education Hotel reserves the right to alter these fees at any time, except where a quotation has already been made to the client in question.

Where a quotation has been given for a specialist or urgent placement and a suitable tutor cannot be identified, this fee will no longer be applicable, and instead the standard Placement Fee (£5) will apply.

Charges for 11+ Tuition

As self employed individuals, tutors set their own hourly rate for lessons. When multiple tutors offer different rates, these rates will be outlined to the client, including but not limited to preparation time and possible additional expenses (usually associated with in-person lessons) before clients select their tutor.

Minimum Payment and ‘Pro-Rata Fee’ 11+ Tuition

The standard monthly payment for 11+ tuition is the value of four hours of tuition at the agreed rate. Clients are charged pro-rata on the 5th of each month for 4 hours of tuition. This payment is stored as credit on the client’s Tutorcruncher account (our online payment system). Charges are processed on card via our online portal Tutorcruncher and will appear as a ‘subscription’ on Tutorcruncher.

Along with the monthly charge, clients will initially be billed for a partial month, otherwise known as a ‘Pro-Rata Fee’. The Pro-Rata Fee covers the period from when the lessons first start through to the start of the billing cycle on the 5th. In general, no placement will be considered confirmed until the Pro-Rata Fee is received.

The start date of lessons will be agreed up between the client and the tutor. Clients should cc The Education Hotel (info@educationhotel.co.uk) into any correspondence with their tutor for transparency.

Any extra lessons taken that exceed a client’s monthly pro-rata payment will be included on an invoice sent at the end of each month.

An example: 

A client’s monthly payments to The Education Hotel will be for 4 hours of lessons paid on the 5th of each month. In this example, the client’s first regular monthly payment will begin on 5th June. However, the client begins their 11+ tuition in the middle of May and arranges to have 2 hours of lessons with their tutor during May. The client has 2 hours of lessons taught in May (20th and 27th) which are covered in an initial ‘Pro-Rata Fee’ (see above). The client’s next charge is on the 5th June pro-rata for 4 hours of lessons in June (3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th). Going forward, the client will be charged for 4 hours of lessons pro-rata every month on the 5th of each month. If the client were to exceed 4 hours of tuition in July, or any following month, the client would receive an invoice for the remaining lessons at the end of each month.

If a client exceeds 4 hours of lessons per month they will be invoiced for the remaining time at the end of each month. After clients receive an invoice for lessons exceeding their 4 hours paid in advance, clients will be charged via the card registered on their Tutorcruncher account 5 days later on 5th (please see the ‘How You Pay’ section).

Payment will be held by The Education Hotel on the client’s behalf, to act as credit against their tuition. This credit will be valid up until their next payment on 5th of the following month, after which time any unused credit will be forfeit. 

In the event that lessons are terminated with no notice (see ‘Cancellation/End Of Tution’) before the full credit has been used, the remaining credit will not be returned, unless the lessons is terminated at the instigation of the Tutor, or unless The Education Hotel is satisfied that the tutor is unsuitable to continue with lessons.

It is intended that this credit be used entirely within the boundaries of 11+ tuition. The Education Hotel may, at their discretion, allow some credit to be used or transferred for another use. It is still expected, however, that 11+ tuition administered by The Education Hotel will last for no less than four hours in total per month.

Cancellation/End Of 11+ Tuition 

Clients should agree upon a provisional end date for their 11+ tuition with The Education Hotel when tuition begins. The Education Hotel will contact clients 4 weeks before this date to confirm their tuition is ending. At this point clients can choose to extend tuition, providing a suitable tutor can be found.

If a client wishes to terminate all regular 11+ tuition with The Education Hotel, a minimum of 2 weeks notice must be given before the 5th of the upcoming month. If less than 2 weeks notice is given before the 5th the client will be charged on the 5th for 4 hours of non-refundable lessons.

A minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required for cancelling individual lessons or the rescheduling of any lesson by the client. If a client offers more than 48 hours notice, the tutor and client will arrange a new lesson time that is agreeable to both parties and only this new lesson time will be charged. For rescheduled lessons 48 hours must also be given to the tutor before cancellation. In the event that the lesson is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, it is the tutors prerogative as a self employed individual, to charge for this missed lesson

For clarity, clients should cc The Education Hotel into all correspondence with their tutor (info@educaitonhotel.co.uk).

Ultimately, any cancellation charges are at the tutor’s discretion, and the tutor is at liberty to set their own terms in this respect, in agreement with the client, and with advanced notice to The Education Hotel.

The Education Hotel reserves the right to determine what constitutes reasonable grounds for ‘bad practice’ leading to dissatisfaction of a tutor, this is based on industry practice. As a guide, evidently poor preparation, lack of clarity or provision of inaccurate information are likely to constitute reasonable grounds, as this would generally be considered bad practice by other educators. However, objections to widely-practised teaching methods would not; similarly a tutor’s inability to answer questions on a topic for which they have had little or no opportunity to prepare, or of a more complex nature than originally discussed, would not be considered sufficient grounds, as no tutor could reasonably be expected to meet such expectations.

Where the Tutor is at fault due to ‘bad practice’ causing a cancelled lesson, clients will not be charged and the unused lesson(s) will be added as credit to the client’s account on Tutorcruncher. 

In rare occurrences that an event with a tutor shows evidence of ‘bad practice’ that constitutes grounds for the termination of lessons, should the client desire it, The Education Hotel will undertake, where possible, to arrange an alternative tutor. If a suitable tutor cannot be found the lessons will be considered refundable.

If a tutor is unable to attend a lesson due to illness or an emergency. The lesson will be ‘banked’ as credit on the clients account to be used at a later time. In these circumstances, banked credit can be used for up to 1 year.

If a tutor becomes unavailable for two weeks or more The Education Hotel will endeavour to find a replacement tutor until a client can return to their original tutor. If a suitable alternative cannot be found then the lesson will be ‘banked’ as credit on the client’s account to use at a later date.

The Education Hotel expects it’s 11+ clients to have regular weekly tuition with their tutor. Some clients may engage with a indemand tutor who has limited availability, in this case, if a client then chooses to change their regular time slot with less than 4 weeks notice, any lessons missed due to this change will be non-refundable. If this situation arises, The Education Hotel will endeavour to find a suitable replacement tutor as soon as possible. However, if The Education Hotel is unable to find a suitable tutor or the client is ‘dissatisfied’ with their new tutor then the lessons are non-refundable.

If clients are having in-person lessons with a tutor and the client moves location, and so is therefore unavailable for lessons, The Education Hotel will endeavour to find a new tutor in the client’s new area. However, if The Education Hotel is unable to find another tutor in the client’s new area or the client does not want to move their lessons online, the missed lessons will be considered non refundable. We expect clients to give at least 4 weeks notice if they are planning to move location during in-person lessons. 

Arriving Late To A Lesson 

Tutors are expected to wait no longer than 15mins for a student to arrive. If a student is more than 15mins late the tutors may leave the lesson and the session will be charged in full.

Late Payment Charges 11+ Tution

For an invoice or pro-rata/subscription payments overdue by 22 days or more, we reserve the right to:

  • Charge an interest rate of 5% per annum on the outstanding balance.
  • Charge an administration fee of £25 for the collection of payment.
  • Advise the tutor that he or she stops tuition until the invoice is settled.

In the unlikely event that a bill is not paid, The Education Hotel will pass the matter onto Creditreform. Creditreform may add additional charges to recover monies owed.


If a client has a complaint against the tutor or The Education Hotel, we regard it as a point of contract that we are informed within 24 hours of the occurrence that gave rise to the objection. If this happens between 6 p.m. on Friday and 9 a.m. on Monday, please email info@educationhotel.co.uk as our office phones are not manned over the weekend or bank holidays. The Education Hotel supplies each tutor in good faith and in the belief that he or she will perform to the best of their abilities. However, we do not guarantee the performance of the tutor.

Payment Of Commission

By engaging a tutor through The Education Hotel, you commit to paying us commission which will be clearly stated in your invoice.

You agree not to directly or indirectly engage, or offer to engage, the tutor to provide tuition to you on any basis other than through The Education Hotel.

We regret to have to advise that if you breach this agreement, you agree that you shall pay The Education Hotel the sum of £500 as liquidated damages and any commission found or estimated to be due. You agree and accept that this sum represents a reasonable estimate of The Education Hotel’s loss arising from your breach of our contract and monitoring for its potential occurrence.

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