Private tutoring is growing in popularity and with a large range of tutors, at differing price points, offering seemingly similar services – how can you know you are choosing the right one?

We hire tutors on a daily basis; different subjects, different levels of expertise. All of our tutors are interviewed and notes are made about their specialist subject areas, age groups and experience. But our selection process goes deeper than simply checking they can teach the subject.


Asking the below questions ensures that we can match the best tutor to your child.

  1. Why are you hiring a tutor? Is your child struggling with an upcoming test? Are they lacking in confidence? Our tutors are experts. They don’t just focus on specific subjects, but also often focus on one ‘type’ of student e.g. SEN needs, scholarship preparation for common entrance, homework support.

  2. What can the tutor offer? At the Education Hotel, we require our tutors to hold a degree in a relevant subject, experience tutoring or teaching children, high GCSE and A level results and each of our tutors is DBS checked. All of our tutors provide evidence of their qualifications and DBS checks to us directly, so that our families have peace of mind.  If you are looking for a tutor yourself, you should be checking for similar proof. Also ask for testimonials from your tutor from past students – as talking to past students will enable you to see what they would be like tutoring your child. NOTE – Whilst we appreciate that there are great tutors who have just finished their A levels, or who are not taking a degree in their subject, this is a guarantee that we make to our families.

  3. Interview them. – tutoring is a job and as such an informal interview is required. Don’t expect them to tutor your child for free, or to turn up in a suit, but do expect for the tutor to be able to answer your questions. All of our families are offered a free no obligation call which can be booked here.

  4. Do they do other things too? Many tutors have other jobs. some of these may be interesting for your child to learn about suchas

  5.  being an author, actor or scientist . Alternatively they may work in a complementary industry as an examiner, university lecturer, teacher or writing educational resources. However, make sure that they are serious about tutoring. Will they answer your emails if you are concerned? Is your child’s lesson always in the back of their mind or is it an afterthought? Are they ‘between jobs’ and likely to stop tutoring with your child when they find another job.

  6. Watch them work – When our Director interview candidates she often asks them to teach her for 5 or 10 minutes. This gives an insight about how they teach. If you have hired a tutor watch their first lesson – do they talk at your child or let them learn by questions? Do they encourage your child, spend time getting to know their interests, the way that they work, what they like?

BONUS – Do you really need a tutor? Do consider if you really to need a tutor – there is lots that you can do at home with your child and schools often organise revision classes if a big exam (e.g. GCSE’s) is approaching.

How can The Education Hotel help?

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