Wiki Expert Interview

CLICK HERE TO VISIT WIKI-EXPERT   Jemma Zoe Smith is the Director of the Education Hotel. She holds 3 degrees from Oxford University and is a qualified Teacher who also

The Hunger Games – SURVIVING

Check out this fantastic article by our English & Study Support tutor Emily Smith! Ideas for Project-based-learning on the book ‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins ‘The Hunger Games’ is

Free Webinars Every Friday at 2pm

Join our Director Jemma Zoe Smith every Friday on our Facebook Page for free webinars about lesson planning, project based learning and scheduling your child's time during lockdown Last week's webinar was about

Discovering Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s plays can often feel like a really tricky thing for anyone to access, let alone children; however the following project ideas can really help bring the Bard to life.

Creating A Play In 1 Week

School may have closed but that doesn’t mean your creative skills can’t be put to the test! Here is a week-long task designed for you to create and perform a

What To Do Now? Year 11

Parents - Your child in year 11 has been off of school for 3 days because of COVID-19 and now without the GCSE exams to motivate them, they are bored.

5 Things To Consider When Hiring A Tutor

Private tutoring is growing in popularity and with a large range of tutors, at differing price points, offering seemingly similar services - how can you know you are choosing the

COVID-19 Exam Cancellation: Our Initial Thoughts

The Department for Education released a statement about exam cancellations in the wake of the coronavirus. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE STATEMENT   Below are our thoughts on these most

What To Do Now That GCSE & A-level Exams Have Been Cancelled?

With the shock announcement on the 18th March that GCSE exams during May and June 2020 will be cancelled, many GCSE and A-level students have been left in a state

Studying With COVID-19: Supporting Your Child At Home

The global pandemic of coronavirus is forcing schools to shut, causing many parents to become impromptu home educators with no experience or training. If you’re in that boat, here are