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The Education Hotel realises that laying down academic groundwork before your child’s exam is important for success. From written exams to interviews, our tutors help students improve subject knowledge, review their exam technique and go through the competitive entrance process with confidence.


Navigating the different entrance exams can be complex for parents. With so many excellent schools offering various exams, it can be difficult to work out where to start. The Education Hotel has partnered with education consultancy Top School & Uni to help parents every step of the way.

  • Education Advice offers parents the chance to talk with a member of our team for one hour about their specific concerns surrounding school applications
  • School Placement helps parents through the entire selection application process for schools
  • Academic Assessments, complete with a written report outlining strengths and areas of focus
  • Interview Preparation with knowledgeable ex-headteachers providing mock interviews
5 ways to support your child through their exams

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Every student taking School Entrance 1:1 Tuition both online AND in-person with The Education Hotel also receives a membership to our Members Club.

Our Members Club contains a plethora of past papers ranging from 11+ to 6th form in a range of subjects to help students prepare. There are also educational videos on how to choose the right school and interview tips.

As well as a bi-monthly strategy call and free subscriptions to IXL, Exam Success Academy & 11+ Chuckra.

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