How do I access course videos?

An email will be sent out several days after the course with a link to all videos. The videos are pre-recorded, but feature the same material that your child would have accessed if they were in the class. If your child misses a lesson and you need a recording to catch up, please email

Can you give me feedback on how my child did in their lesson today?

We’re unable to give feedback to parents for each day of the course. However, a full report is sent out via email after the course finishes. If you have any specific concerns, please email

Can I speak with the tutor?

Tutors are unable to give specific feedback to parents. However, a full report is sent out at the end of the course via email several days after the course finishes. Please DO NOT attempt to contact the tutor during the class or privately afterwards – this will be disruptive for other students. Instead, if you have any specific concerns, please email

Should my child have their camera on during the class?

We recommend that students switch on their cameras, however, they are not required to do so. If they do, please ensure they are wearing appropriate clothing and are in a quiet location at a desk or table with good internet access.

What happens if my child is going to be late for a lesson?

Please let The Education Hotel know in advance (via email if your child is going to be late for a lesson. If a student is more than 10 minutes late, it is the tutor’s discretion as to whether to let the student join the class. Every class has a short break in the middle. At this time, students who join late may be admitted.

My child doesn’t want to speak in class.

If your child does not want to speak into the microphone during the class, we suggest using the chat feature in Zoom to talk to the tutor.

My child is falling behind in class – what do I do?

If you’re concerned with the pace of the class, please email so we can advise the tutor to check in with your child. However, please be mindful that the tutor will have to move at the pace of all of the children in the class. If you wish for your child to access tuition specifically tailored for them, please check out our 1:1 tuition options

Where should my child sit during the class?

Choose a quiet location away from distractions at a table or desk with a strong internet connection.

Make sure to use either a PC, Mac or tablet connected to a power source – we don’t advise using a phone because screen-sharing from the tutor is required.

Please have access to a pen and paper.

I’m having internet issues.

Please ensure that your child is in an area with good internet connectivity.

Ask your child to wait 1 minute before flagging this issue to our tutor. Typically, when a tutor shares material, it will take a few seconds to appear on a student’s screen.

If your child is still struggling to see the screen-share, ask them to stop their video, as this often increases your internet bandwidth.

If your child is continually struggling with the internet, please refrain from using additional devices whilst the class is in progress – this will increase your bandwidth.

Here is a handy tool for checking your internet speed:

Why does the Zoom meeting say that the meeting starts 30 minutes before the class takes place?

Our Zoom meetings are set up to start earlier so that the tutor can set up the meeting and get ready before the lesson begins. Please arrive just a few minutes before the class starts.

When should the homework be handed in?

Please hand the homework in at least 1 hour before the lesson begins – otherwise, the tutor will be unable to give any feedback. Hand in the homework using the link provided in emails or in your Portal – do not attempt to hand homework in during the lesson.

My child hasn’t received individual feedback for homework.

Verbal feedback for the entire class is given at the beginning of each lesson. This is an ideal time for students to ask any questions they have about the homework.

Where do I find information about the course?

Please check the ‘Courses’ page on our website in the menu bar or log in to your Portal.

What do I need to do before the course starts?

  1. Please fill out the pre-course questionnaire before the course begins – this will be emailed to you.
  2. Make sure that you create a Zoom account in preparation for the course.
  3. Choose a quiet location away from distractions at a table or desk with a strong internet connection.
  4. Make sure to have either a PC, Mac or tablet ready.
  5. Please have access to a pen and paper.

I feel like my child has not been asked enough questions during class.

In each 1-hour session, our tutor interacts with each student, asking questions in several different ways, such as asking for volunteers, asking each student individually or asking the student that puts their hand up first. If you have specific concerns, we can forward your request for more direct questioning to the tutor. Please email

Please DO NOT contact the tutor directly during or after class.

My child is not being challenged enough in class or by the homework.

If you have concerns in this area, please email and we will pass this information to the tutor. However, we suggest waiting until the second lesson before getting in contact with us, as the tutor uses the first lesson to assess a student’s abilities.

Please DO NOT contact the tutor directly during or after class.

Can the homework and test be specifically tailored to the school my child is applying for?

All schools overlap in areas of study. Our courses are designed to cover many areas so that students are prepared for their exams. We are unable to cater specially for each student’s desired school, as students on the course will be aiming for different schools. However, specific resources and practice papers for several schools can be purchased from The Education Hotel. If this is something you are interested in, please email

Can I have the slides from the course?

We are unable to share the slides from the course, but you will be sent video recordings of the lessons at the end of the course to watch.

I haven’t been sent the homework.

Please check your spam or previous emails from The Education Hotel and look in your Portal. If this does not work, please email:

I’ve emailed the office but had no reply.

Our office hours are 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Our office receives a lot of emails, so please be patient if you haven’t received a reply.

Head Office: +44(0)2078 460259