The Department for Education released a statement about exam cancellations in the wake of the coronavirus.



Below are our thoughts on these most recent announcements:

  • As expected the grades will not purely focus on predicted grades or mocks but also include ‘ a range of evidence ‘ We expect this vary widely dependent on schools – some have meticulous records, many in class tests, reports, but others sadly do not. This is a concern to those students studying in state education, where often this data is less bountiful.

  • No real mention of A level exam sittings – could a student take their exams in September/early academic year and get acceptance to university the same year? Or does it count as a ‘retake’?

  • There is no news on how homeschoolers will be treated. The Education Hotel will continue to lobby for information about how our homeschoolers GCSE and A levels will be affected.

  • We now know that grades will be released in late June and that students will be able to take exams ‘early in the academic year’ This gives only 4 weeks for revision if the exams are to happen in early September – which is too short for revision. Anyone thinking of sitting exams will need to start preparing sooner.

  • The Education Hotel also worries about the amount of time that teachers may be expected to use to predict grades. We wonder if this will limit their availability for online schooling?

For more information see the Government’s FAQ Page


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