Roll up! Roll up! – Come and join The Education Hotel’s creative writing team each half term and holiday to learn more about Creative writing!

Each half term and holiday period, our 11+ specialist tutors will be running a 5 day long Creative Writing course. These fun group lessons will focus on the tips and tricks of how to write a well structured story. Students will focus on description, planning and introducing suspense. There will also be a day focused on letter writing and another day focussed on information writing.

Often children feel that the creative writing element of 11+ is  the most challenging task. It can be hard to find effective feedback, examples of how your child should be writing, or enough prompts. Parents who want to support their children are often at a loss on how to prepare. However, it doesn’t need to be difficult, The Education Hotel’s specialist 11+ tutors are on hand to support students.

Our course helps children prepare for examiners who may have different priorities. Some examiners may be interested in the content of the work, rather than strong spelling or punctuation. Others focus on grammar, punctuation and spelling. It is important to be prepared in all areas, but we can be sure that all examiners will be looking for several important things: a story with a clear “beginning, middle and end”, great vocabulary and descriptions. These tend to be areas that children struggle with the most.

Because each half term and holiday is themed, your child can take multiple courses and never repeat the same information!

At the end of the course students will be able to write a well structured ‘Autumn Spooky’ story complete with dialogue, suspense and description using all 5 senses

Day 1 – Planning a story in under 10 minutes

Day 2 – Adding description into your story using show not tell and the 5 senses

Day 3 – Literary techniques and introducing suspense into your writing

Day 4 – Writing a letter to a teacher describing a mysterious visitor

Day 5 – Information writing – newspaper articles

Meet A Selection Of Our 11+ Tutors

Lowri Amies – English and Scholarship Entrance
Lowri supports students to gain scholarships for top UK schools, including coveted scholarships at Eton, Westminster and St. Pauls.
She inspires her students to analyse texts deeply and motivates them to achieve beyond their potential
Having gained entrance to Cambridge University at 16, Lowri is an inspiration to many of our students
Claudine Smith – Maths and Non-Verbal Reasoning
Claudine has been tutoring students in preparation for 11+ for over 20 years, specifically in Maths and Non-Verbal Reasoning.
Past students have been successfully in applying to: Westminster School, Radley College, Abingdon School, Magdalen College School, Cheltenham Ladies College, Harrow and Eton.
Claudine also supports students applying for grammar school entrance and her past students have attended Kingston Grammar School, Tiffin School and Tiffin Girls’ School.
George Callaghan – English and Verbal Reasoning
George has taught at some of the top UK schools, including: Oundle, St. Georges Ascot and Ampleforth School. He now supports students who are applying to top grammar and independent schools, such as: Eton, Harrow, Westminster, John Lyon, Habadashers’ Aske’s and Merchant Taylors.
George enjoys supporting students in tricky verbal reasoning analysis, helping them to discover meaning behind the English language

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