Moving schools can be challenging for children, being uprooted from their friends and from the surroundings they’re familiar with. When the move is not just to a different town or city, but across the world, the challenge is multiplied. 

The children of expats have to cope not only with a new school, but a new school system, a new curriculum, a new culture, and maybe even a new language. While they may be significantly ahead in some subjects, they might find themselves a year or two behind in others; for instance, mathematics teaching varies significantly across the world. And parents who are only relocating temporarily know that their children’s education may face another upheaval when they return home. 

This was the situation faced by Y and A, children of a British couple moving to Qatar. Their parents turned to the Education Hotel in search of tutoring from an expert in their field, who could facilitate their children’s education during the transition abroad, and who would really get to know their children well. In their own words, ‘We wanted a tutor who would be an expert in their field, know our children well, someone who we could entrust with facilitating our children’s education during our transition abroad. Jemma has been all been all of those!’

After enrolling their older child, Y, and seeing the positive impact that Jemma’s tuition was having, they decided to enrol their younger child, A, as well. Their lessons, spanning several subjects, focused not only on building knowledge but also on encouraging their younger child to find joy in learning after a disrupted start to schooling. ‘Jemma has been able to to aid the development of the discipline of studying and help our develop a positive attitude towards learning through building self – confidence.’

All of this had to be covered in lessons that were fun, interactive, personalised to Y and A, and tailored to the needs of an international environment. Y and A have now secured places at the most prestigious school in Qatar, and their parents are confident in their ability to slot back into the UK school system when the time comes. Their mother says; ‘The children have developed in so many ways both during and outside of their lessons. Jemma has tailored the teaching to meet the needs of an International environment. Our kids look forward to their lessons.’

Moving abroad can be as daunting for children as it is for their parents, but children – like parents – can come to see it as an exciting opportunity rather than something to be nervous about. A tutor can help to get your child ready for the new school system, whether that’s teaching them a new essay style, working on their target language, or generally building up knowledge of subjects where their destination curriculum is likely to be more demanding. It may be a big transition, but having studied in multiple different countries will give your child a unique and valuable perspective that they will one day come to treasure.

How can The Education Hotel help?

If your child is struggling with any of the issues mentioned in this article and you’re seeking advice on what to do next. Take a look at our School Placement Service…

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