What is a franchise? Isn’t that like Kip Mgrath or Explore Learning?

There are lots of different types of franchises – even Gucci is franchised! 

A franchise is a type of license that grants a franchisee tightly controlled access to a franchisor’s business knowledge, processes and trademarks. This allows the franchisee to sell a product or service under the franchisor’s business name, in this case, The Education Hotel.

A lot of hard work, time and creative thinking has gone into our franchising process. Our most important non-negotiable is that we will ensure each of our franchisees is as dedicated, experienced and competent as the existing Education Hotel team. It’s important to us that our brand continues to provide dedicated tutors who take the time to get to know your family, ensuring you receive the best solutions tailored to your needs.

Is there any benefit for me?

Yes, we believe so. Soon you will be able to source even more high-quality tutors who may work face-to-face in your local area – something that all of our parents have told us is important to them.

Also, because each franchisee will have significant experience in education, they will also have their own specialism (e.g., SEN, HLP, strong knowledge of local schools etc.), which will bring direct benefits to clients in their particular area.

We are keen to hear from clients interested in becoming franchisees as well. Who better to manage one of our locations than someone who has experienced our service first hand?

Will my payments to The Education Hotel be different?

No, you will still be billed exactly the same amount, from the same account, and you will be able to use your bank details via the TutorCruncher portal in the same way you always have!

Is this going to de-personalise the service? Who will I speak to if I have any issues?

You will always be able to contact a member of our team in the same ways you’ve been used to – either by email or phone.

We have also introduced the Members Club strategy call so that you ALWAYS have someone to call if needed. Inside your membership portal is a “Call” button, which will get you straight to your client manager, as quickly as possible.

The Members Club is available to all existing clients for free, please check your email for login details and log in here. If you have issues joining, email josh@educationhotel.co.uk

Will my tutor change?

No! It is possible that you will have a new location manager if you happen to be in one of the areas we franchise to, and you are returning to us after a break, but your tutor will not change due to this. We value the relationships our clients and tutors build over time.

How are you ensuring that your location managers are well-qualified and knowledgeable?

We have been working out how to franchise in the ‘right way’ for some time now and the decision hasn’t been taken lightly. The first thing we decided on was how we were going to choose the right kind of people to invite to become location managers.

Each location manager is hand-selected by Jemma, director of The Education Hotel, and will have a significant background in education, as well as extensive experience and a passion for tutoring. Additionally, each location manager receives weeks of in-house training from Jemma personally, as well as on-hand access to all of her knowledge. All these elements combined create the perfect person for the job!

Is Jemma leaving?

No, she is moving into a management role. Jemma will continue to be just as involved in the business – training our location managers, running masterclasses and recording videos for our students via the Members Club

What do I need to do next?

Nothing – this is just a notice to let you know that a change is on its way.

If you have any further questions or are interested in finding out about how to become a franchisee, please get in touch via franchising@educationhotel.co.uk