An Education Franchise for Life

The best way to create a successful and profitable business whilst helping mould the future for young people.

Are you wondering what a franchise with The Education Hotel is? – you are in the right place! 

A franchise is a flexible, rewarding business that belongs to you! If you want to run and grow your own business, rather than just working as a tutor, The Education Hotel franchise could be for you. When you purchase an Education Hotel franchise you get to build your business with support from our whole team, with our policies and systems and using our recognised brand name and trademarks.

The Education Hotel’s Franchise

The Education Hotel provides you with an opportunity to fit your business around your lifestyle and business goals.

We are seeking dedicated, energetic and motivated individuals to expand into new areas.

Could this be you?

Build a Business to be Proud of

Perhaps you want to grow your business to multi-6-figure heights?

Perhaps you simply want one that will provide a comfortable income for you and your family?

The flexibility of The Education Hotel franchise and the structure of the business opportunity provides for both extremes, and everything in-between.

A business to be proud of - earn money and be your own boss


 Join our Supportive Team

Do you want to build a business, but also want support? Our team has first-hand experience in growing a business and is ready to support you every step of the way.

Our easy-to-follow itinerary and weekly on-hand support will help you create your ideal business model.

Always Innovating

The Education Hotel doesn’t like to stand still. Over the last 4 years, through innovation and hard work, we have grown our company to such a point that we are able to offer franchisees off-the-peg courses, a pool of tutors that you can use from day 1 and we even have automated systems to email clients for you!

But that’s not all. We’re continuing to expand into schools and local authorities – all the while adding more courses and masterclasses to an ever-expanding curriculum.

Become a franchisee of The Education Hotel right now to grow with us.

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