GCSE Courses 

Our GCSE courses take place each holiday and are 2 hours each day. They are taught in small groups up up to 10 students. Students receive daily homework, a report at the end of the course and recordings to look back over.

GCSE Masterclasses

Our GCSE masterclasses take place at the weekend. They are 2 hours long and each masterclass is accompanied by a 50 page workbook for students to work through once the masterclass is over. The masterclasses are also recorded.

Looking for longer courses? – Check out our success programmes.



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Email: courses@educationhotel.co.uk if you are struggling to book

Why are GCSE’s important? For those students looking to pursue their subject in sixth form it’s of huge benefit to put in the ground work during GCSE. Following that, it’s also important to achieve good grades for those looking to take their academia to degree level. For example, for students pursuing courses such as medicine, law and dentistry at prestigious university, there is a growing demand for candidates who have demonstrated excellence in both their A-levels and GCSE.

Whichever exam board students are sitting, be it AQA, Edexcel, OCR or any other, our online GCSE courses will provide the necessary preparation needed to approach revision whilst also providing relevant exam techniques.

Our specialist GCSE tutors for have extensive experience in getting students through their exams. As a result, students can expect high-quality tuition to help overcome any academic or confidence based barriers they may be dealing with.

Visit our ‘meet the tutors’ page to find out more about our tutors.


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