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At The Education Hotel, we understand a parent’s choice to take on the full responsibility of providing an education for their child. We believe Home Schooling/Home Education and World Schooling can be extremely fulfilling for children and their families, often leading to students achieving better than expected academic outcomes and qualifications. 

Thankfully, it’s never been easier to receive quality 1:1 tutoring from expert tutors in person or online via Skype, Zoom, WeChat and Facetime. Enjoy the rigours of 1:1 tuition wherever you are in the world.

Each new family is personally assessed to ensure that your tutor is the best fit for you and your family.

Ways that we have helped home educating families :

Shape the curriculum and teaching programme.

Providing tutors in the UK and internationally to support curriculum subjects.

Access beyond the curriculum with projects, public speaking and debate skills, study skills, volenteering projects.

University applications, personal statement support and interview support.

School application support.

The Education Hotel has considerable experience and success in providing Home/World Schooling tuition for children of all ages, abilities and needs. Our teachers support families by scheduling a complete programme of learning, teaching regular 1:1 lessons each week, mentoring, supporting in organising public examinations and advising parents.

When receiving tuition from The Education Hotel, we offer members exclusive discounts on GCSE and A level exams through our partner, Tutors and Exams.

Tutors and Exams provides examination and assessment facilities primarily aimed at private and home-educated candidates. The company currently has 4 examination centres located around the country: Bolton, Coventry, Wimbledon and Doncaster, with another centre opening in Cambridgeshire soon.

In 2019/20, Tutors and Exams delivered examination assessments to over 2,400 learners. They cater for 95% of all GCSE/GCE and IGCSE subjects alongside Functional Skills and have a dedicated SEN specialist who can assist in organising access arrangements if required.

To find out more, visit their website by clicking here.

To become a member of The Education Hotel and receive exclusive discounts and access to our education resources, email us at: info@educationhotel.co.uk

Head Office: +44(0)2078 460259

The Education Hotel offers outstanding support to students sitting (I)GCSEs, IB, Pre-U and A level examinations. Our tutors have in-depth knowledge of exam board curricula, targeted content, exam technique and time management. A tutor’s help can ensure that your child feels confident and prepared by the time they sit their exams.

Many students use online tuition as a way to supplement school teaching, especially in cases where students are abroad and looking to enter UK schools in a few years time. We also tutor a number of students with educational needs (SEN), as our tutors can offer additional support outside of the school environment.

Our tutors can help families to theme their curriculum around their travels or children’s interests. From using maths to make pizza in Italy, to learning the history of China via The Great Wall – our tutors make learning come alive!


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