How long does it take from buying an Education Hotel franchise to leaving the classroom?

If you are a teacher or TA looking to start your business you might consider a franchise as a quicker way to get started. However, teachers and TA’s have long notice periods. You might be wondering if this will get in your way?

What can you do? You need time to start the business, but also you need money so that you can afford to pay the mortgage.

How we help? Our part time – start up and thrive programme introduces you to running your own Education Hotel, but doesn’t overwhelm you. You can split the training into 2 sections at no extra cost – allowing you to start 2 out fo the 3 core income streams, alongside teaching.

Our staircase business model allows you to start running your business at weekends and evenings during your last term at school. Then, once you have left you can grow your business to be bigger and better – all with our support.

You are in the driving seat

Entering a franchise agreement means running your OWN business that is driven by you. However, just like a F1 driver has a pit stop team, you have The Education Hotel head office team ready to support you when you need.

You control the speed of your growth. Our first level of initial training will allow you to  run your own tuition business within 1 week but we have additional levels of training if you want to grow quicker or have ambitions to run multiple areas.  Your effort will drive your business and bring a return on your investment. With our training you will be given the roadmap of how to hire your own tutor team, expand from 1:1 to group classes and holiday courses, even run mock exams and masterclasses. However your success is up to you.

If you choose to book a call with us or attend a discovery day, we will share with you our financial predictions and how you can reach your income goals using our different revenue streams.

Take time to make sure that this is the right option for you

We do not expect you to make this decision overnight.

You might want to take weeks or even months reading our website, looking at our prospectus and considering if we are the right fit for you, if you would like to get started with the process, please book a call 

A typical journey would look something like

  1. You download our Prospectus and book a call with our Director
  1. After the first call,  if you are the right fit for us, you are invited to take part in our second in depth call or discovery day
  1. The discovery day or in depth call is a chance for us to get to know you more, and for you to ask us all of the questions that you have about our business. You can see when our next discover day is running here
  1. If we both wish to proceed,  you pay a deposit & we sign an agreement to say that you wish to proceed
  1. You will then receive your Franchise Agreement and will have 30 days to check and sign
  1. On signing you pay the remainder of your franchise fee.

Once you have been accepted into our family, we will start to work on building your new business. This training takes part online and face to face, with the main event being a 5 day training bootcamp at Head office (4 days if you are working part time).

Once you have successfully completed the training, you will be given permission to launch your new business

What if I want to stay in teaching?

It takes time to build a business and in tuition, where you need to build your presence and be visable, you will need to spend time on your business. Our franchise will allow you to leave school if you want, but some franchisees choose to remain in the classroom, part time until they feel comfortable leaving. Whilst this will slow your business growth, we know that this step might be scary for some. We split our training into 2, allowing you to build your business whilst still at school then, when you choose to leave, you can access the second half of the training.

Running an Education Hotel provides an amazing opportunity to take the skills learned in school and apply them to your own business, being your own boss and working on your terms.