Whether you have a reluctant reader or a child who loves to get lost in fantasy books, vocabulary and its importance in the 11+ and 13+ is never far from a parent’s mind. In this article we outline several ways to make learning vocab fun!

Root Words
Can you work out what a word means purely using its roots? For example, think about the words such as ‘bicycle’ then split it up into its original roots. ‘Bi’ which means two and then ‘cycle’ – circle.  Which other words can you and your child find that have these roots?
Hidden Words
At the start of every day agree on three words that your whole family (including the adults) has to slip into conversation. Later on, regroup around the dinner table and share how you have used these words. Try using tricky words such as ‘flamboyant’ or ‘drought’.
Flash Cards
These can be great for when you’re waiting in the car. Try testing your child on recently learnt words using flashcards.
Pictionary or Charades
Draw a picture or act out of a word and have your child guess what it is. Is it a tree with gnarled branches, or a bird flying in an azure sky?
My Day Out Words
Before an outing, give your children a list of words to include in conversations. It doesn’t matter if they are visiting their grandparents, friends or cousins. They have to say the word out loud, correctly used and in your presence, without laughing or giving the game away.


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