Research and experience have shown the value of 1:1 tuition. This approach focuses on a student’s individual needs, inspiring and motivating them to learn. In-person tuition allows a tutor and student to work together, building confidence, tailoring support and offering new ways to study.

Face-to-face tutors engage students with science experiments, board games and physical activity. We can present knowledge in a different way than in the classroom. Face-to-face tutoring often allows whole families to have access to our tutors. This enables, for example, one student preparing for upcoming GCSEs to be followed by a sibling who needs help with reading practice. Our students love seeing their tutors each week and often ask to see them more than once.

Head Office: +44(0)2078 460259  

We have assisted many students with entrance into the top UK schools and universities. Our highly experienced tutors have access to excellent resources and can offer support to the entire family going through an application process.  We cover 7/8+, the Common Pre-Tests, 11+, Common Entrance (13+), 16+, UCAT, BMAT and MAT. We also offer scholarship preparation.

The Education Hotel offers outstanding support to students sitting (I)GCSEs, IB, Pre-U and A-Level examinations. Our tutors have in-depth knowledge of exam board curricula and targeted content, exam technique and time management. Having a tutor’s help can ensure that your child feels confident and prepared by the time that they sit their exams.

Many students use online tuition as a way to supplement school teaching, especially in cases where students are abroad and looking to enter UK schools in a few years time. We also tutor a number of students with SEN needs, as our tutors can offer additional support outside of the school environment.


Every student taking 1:1 tuition both online and in-person with The Education Hotel also receives membership to our Members Club.

Our Members Club contains a plethora of past papers, educational videos and worksheets, as well as a bi-monthly strategy call and free subscriptions to IXL, Exam Success Academy & 11+ Chuckra.

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