Your child has taken the test and been invited back for an interview. It is the final hurdle in the 11+ or 13+ application process. The school is looking at whether your child is the right fit for them.

Interviews can be really stressful for students. Making sure that they put their best foot forward and highlight their experiences and achievements in often a very short amount of time. At the same time, overpractice can lead to them sounding wooden and robotic. How do you solve this?

The Education Hotel’s Director, Jemma Zoe Smith, will be running a two hour online masterclass aimed at supporting students in their preparation for school entrance interviews. This fun masterclass for children will reinforce key skills, focus on interview techniques and ensure that your child will be confident for their upcoming interviews.

There will also be an optional add on booking of  one to one interview support of mock interviews with one of our specialist 11+ & 13+ tutors.

NOTE – although this masterclass is aimed at 11+ and 13+ students, it can also be useful for 7+/8+ and 16+ interview students – email to find out if it is right for you


Interview masterclasses run in Oct, Nov, Dec and Jan each year. If your child is needing support in their interview preparation, our year round options can be found below

Email: if you have questions

Reviews from Parents

The Masterclass

This is the original offering from The Education Hotel, which supported over 50 individuals last year!

In the masterclass we will cover:

2 hours of interview tips and tricks.
Interview etiquette – what to do and what not to do.
Spoken examples of how to answer tricky interview questions.
How to ask a question at the end of the interview.
Information about academic interviews too!
Your child will learn how to present their best self in interviews, what to do if they are faced with a question they don’t know the answer to and how to move beyond a 3 word answer.

Reviews from Parents

The Masterclass PLUS 1:1 Interview

All of the above – BUT with an added 1:1 interview from our Director herself, booked whenever you are available.

Parents said –

“Jemma covered everything in her interview master class. Helped so much in my daughter’s 11+! Definitely recommended!”

The interview lasts 45mins with 15mins of feedback at the end. You will be emailed details about how you can book the 1:1 interview after you have book“Thank you so much for preparing P so brilliantly for the group interview at Sevenoaks.  Last Friday we received the news that she did really really well in her interview and that the interviewer as well as the boarding house staff liked her a lot!”

The Gold Standard – Interview Premier Package

For students who are really struggling with the interview process and who need a little more support- 3 sessions of 1;1 support with an interview specialist tutor, feedback and tasks to complete between sessions before a final mock interview with a different interviewer, to ensure that you get the chance to practise with an unfamiliar face. 

We require a minimum of 14 days to deliver your 3 interview session and 1:1 Interview. If you wish to access this service, but your interview is in less than 14 days please email

The Group Interview

If your child is taking a group interview, this masterclass is a no brainer. Jemma visits several schools to support children with this process and this one hour masterclass covers everything that you child needs to shine in their group interview.

There will be a chance for students to practise their group interview skills during the session.

About Jemma Zoe Smith

Jemma Zoe Smith graduated from Oriel College at Oxford University in 2013, having studied her BSc and Master’s degree in Biochemistry. She returned to Oxford University in 2017 to gain her teacher training qualification. While at Oxford University, she worked with the university access team, where she supported schools to broaden the range of students applying to Oxbridge. One of her most surreal moments was when she met Michelle Obama and took part in a press conference when Michelle Obama visited Christ Church College.

Jemma has extensive knowledge of the education sector. From 2015 to 2018 she managed a school for students aged 17-19, focusing on helping students to secure UK university places in competitive fields such as Medicine, Law, Computing and Business. She frequently acts as an external consultant for education companies on entry to Oxbridge and top independent schools. She has been featured in The Independent, Telegraph and Guardian and is often asked to comment on educational issues.  In 2019 she travelled to Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing to give a series of talks to parents about Oxbridge admissions and in 2020 she was asked to take part in a panel for Ghanaian parents regarding entrance to top UK independent schools.

In addition, Jemma meets with families all over the world to help them to select the right school and to prepare for entering the British education system. She has worked with families all over the world including Dubai, California, Turkey, Italy and Kenya. Last year she supported students who were accepted into the top UK schools and universities. These included: Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial College, Eton, Harrow, Winchester, Wycombe Abbey and Cheltenham Ladies College.

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