Becoming a franchisee with The Education Hotel can be an exciting prospect and you may want to rush into working with us. However, we like to spend some time selecting the right person so we can ensure you will succeed with us.

You might be wondering if The Education Hotel is right for you – if so, please read on…

What Age Should I Be?

Age doesn’t matter to us, but a sense of adventure does!

For us, the ‘perfect’ franchisee is not a particular age, height or gender. However, your personality and approach to working are what we care about.

Our franchisees should be highly motivated, hard-working, willing to follow The Education Hotel system and enjoy communicating with all types of people. Our franchise network uses our tested system operating in a wide range of locations and with a variety of people.

Whether you are 21 or 61, age doesn’t matter to us – what does matter is your attitude, experience and enthusiasm.

Can I Still Be an Entrepreneur?

Lots of people are capable of becoming entrepreneurs – but what if you simply are not an entrepreneur or cannot risk everything on something that is not proven and has no track record of success? Franchising with The Education Hotel offers business ownership, but with the security of a proven system. However, this does not mean that entrepreneurs should be put off by the idea of a franchise with The Education Hotel. The advantage of joining a young, growing company is that, whilst you do not need to reinvent the wheel, develop a concept or devise creative ways of launching a new product into the marketplace, we will listen to your ideas if you do!

Unlike many franchises, The Education Hotel offers the chance to shape company growth in many ways: through our regular meet-ups, opportunities to have your own courses certificated and offering ideas via our online ‘suggestions portal’. We do not want our franchisees to be robots!

Am I Really Running My Own Business or Just Working For You?

We view all of our franchisees as an extension of The Education Hotel family. Like a family, we have a code of conduct and systems that we require you to stick to so that we can ensure that everyone gets the same high-quality tuition, wherever students ‘check into’ their Education Hotel.

You will look after your own clients and tutors, and your salary will reflect the work you put into the business. We take an initial payment, plus a commission for each sale that you make. This goes towards costs such as marketing your franchise, training and developing new products for you to offer your clients.

When clients come to your location’s Education Hotel, they will be met by you or your team, and it is you who will set the tone for the lessons they receive. You will match them with their tutors and be the one they come to when they have succeeded in their academic goals.

Like a family, we also take your feedback on board and offer lots of support as your step into your new business.

Should I Be in Business Already? Should I know How to Teach?

Our franchise is perfect for those wanting to leave the classroom, those who have already left and full-time tutors. You will likely take on some of the tutoring yourself at the start of your business, and you may wish to keep to only offering tuition yourself or take on a team of tutors.

As for business knowledge, that is covered in our training sessions, with a whole week of training before you open your location, a recorded training portal, opportunities to ask questions, on-site visits and mid-year training too.

How Does The Education Hotel Choose the Right Franchisee?

A brief statement from Director Jemma Z. Smith:

Franchising isn’t for everyone. It requires hard work. That is why we want you to know everything about running a franchise before you commit to becoming part of our team. Even if you are convinced that it is the right decision for you and are desperate to get started, we will still ask you to go through our Franchise Discovery Process. We will be honest and open about how The Education Hotel operates.

I want to know that my franchisees will get up each morning excited and proud to run their businesses. I want them to smile when thinking of joining The Education Hotel’s team and to aspire to work with clients under The Education Hotel’s brand. I would like people who can’t wait to tell their friends about what they are doing and want to shout it from the rooftops!

You can learn more about being one of The Education Hotel’s franchisees by reading our blog posts. Why not read a bit more and then enquire? I would love to hear from you.

Jemma – Director of The Education Hotel.