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I have a range of courses available for you to purchase so that you can make a start on improving your business straight away!

The best businesses in each industry are the ones who focus on sales. In all of my businesses that I have run I have put sales at the front as that is what has driven all my businesses forward.

You can be in the top 2% of businesses in your industry by doubling down on your sales. You will be shocked at the results you get in such a short time by focusing on your sales.

Back in 2019 I started setting goals around my sales targets, I think the BEST salespeople are goal oriented and this has been life changing for me.

Let’s transform your business!

Money Mindset Bootcamp

Change your beliefs around money once and for all, so you can finally take your income to a higher level.

The most common block that people have when they come to work with me, is about money. Whether they are applying for jobs, starting their own business or aiming for 6 figure years.

I get it – i’ve been there – scared to put my prices up in case I scare off potential customers. Worried to make an investment in case it is a ‘waste’ of money. Avoiding launching a new service because of the blocks in my head.

But by working through your relationship with money, you can set yourself free and move from sabotage to financial success.

5 modules. Workbooks for each module. Lifetime access.

Left teaching what next?

Did you know that I used to be a teacher? Back in 2018 I left teaching to set up my own business

Within 5 years I had turned over half a million pounds, had formed 2 other companies and was franchising my business. This business allowed me to have freedom on my terms

But forming a business is not the only way to exit teaching. I have supported teachers who have entered the civil service, purchased a franchise, become an educator in another enviroment, become resources writers and more.

This 6 week course allows you to take control and exit teaching on your terms.

6 modules. Workbooks for each module. Lifetime access.