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My name is Jemma Z. Smith and I am the Director here at The Education Hotel. I am so glad that you have chosen to join us!

At The Education Hotel, we offer 1:1 tuition, courses and resources to students aged 5-19. We cover all academic subjects and our office team has a background in education so that they can support our tutors.

We have 4 ways in which people can get involved with The Education Hotel – head office role, franchisee, referral partner or affiliate.

Please read on and find out which option is best for you.


Jemma Zoe Smith is a tutor for 11+, GCSE's and A levels

Roles at The Education Hotel

Do you want to take on your own business? Do you want to be responsible for a team of tutors? Do you know that your town would benefit from The Education Hotel’s presence?

Becoming a location manager allows you to run your own team of tutors, your own courses and masterclasses and build your own business whilst also being supported by our team of experts. You can:

  • choose your own clients
  • work when you want
  • make a difference in your community
  • hire your own tutors and earn residual income from matching them with students

Are you an individual tutor who is running out of space in your timetable? An education consultant who wants to be able to offer your clients high quality tuition? Or a parent who has taken our services and wants to tell the world about us?

A referral partner earns commissions for every qualifying student they recommend to us – whether that student takes our 1:1 tuition, courses or masterclasses.

As a referral partner, you’ll assist with introducing potential students to us – either in conversation or social media, while we, at The Education Hotel, will provide the expertise in our products and systems and help a student find the right educational solution.

This is a partnership that benefits you, the student you refer and us.

We currently do not have any head office roles – please check back again soon

Do you produce workbooks, summer schools, textbooks, online courses, study guides or anything else that a child might need between the ages of 6-18?

We want to help our students out by recommending top child-based businesses – but we don’t know all of them.

If you would like us to recommend your product or service, please reach out to us and let us know about it.

Please note – we only recommend services or products that we have tried, tested and loved.