Here at the Education Hotel we believe that learning spans further than the classroom. This time of year as the weather gets warmer in the UK we will almost always do some lessons outdoors. It’s a great time to get outside and get learning!

For ages 6-10


Whether it is a walk through the forest identifying plants, or pond dipping to find the water bugs and fish. These activities need little equipment and it’s easy to do.

Nature Treasure Hunt:

A classic game that kids love. 10 questions which can be as broad as find something green, to as specific as what does a silver birch tree leaf look like. Once you have found everything, make sure you put back the objects for the animals to enjoy too.

(There are also some great apps for your phone where you take a picture and it will identify the creature or plant for you.)

For ages 10-15


Young adults can use their phones as a GPS and find tiny boxes of hidden treasure all over the countryside. Most have small trinkets to swap and a tiny book to sign your name.

Nature Photography:

Why not use technology to your advantage and have your children take 3 artistic pictures of nature. You can even set a theme e.g. pictures in the Cubist style (great if your child is doing Art GCSE). Have a comparison when you get back home. No selfies allowed!

For ages 15-18

Planning A Walk:

Ask your children to write you a riddle to explain where you are going, theme it around a certain colour, or just pick a place that they want to explore. Let them take as much responsibility as possible.

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  • Michelle
    March 15, 2019, 9:20 pm  

    Thank you for the inspiration, we have been looking for inspiration for our walks and there are some great ideas in here….now to find those apps that identify the plants. Thank you!

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