The decision to provide your primary school aged child with an extra academic boost can be an important one. Here at The Education Hotel, we understand the need for parents to give their child scholastic support during these formative years; and extra tuition while your child is still at primary school is an effective way to achieve this.

Broadly speaking, a child at primary school may be lacking a level of personalised support with their schooling. This is often due to the constraints on a primary teacher’s time or class sizes. This is where The Education Hotel can help.

Working with primary school aged students requires a unique and tailored approach for each child. Our specialised tutors are able to offer personalised tuition that fits with your child’s needs, whilst at the same time, keeping lessons fun and engaging. We have a selection of tutors who are former or current primary school educators some of the top schools around the country, so you know you’re getting the very best.

Which areas are typically covered?
• Early Years

• SATs
• KS2

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