Project-based learning allows students to follow their interests in the analysis of a subject chosen by them. This is perfect for students looking to improve their portfolios when applying for a new school or university. We’ve found that students get a huge amount of joy from producing a project and seeing its completion.

Working with a tutor provides learners with collaborative and contextualised learning skills. The tutor plays an important role in monitoring and evaluating the progress of the project. The goal is to create an end product that your child is proud of showing to others and has academic value too.

Example project – When Alexandria came to us, she was planning to prepare for an academic scholarship entrance to a top UK school. She worked with her tutor to produce a project based on her favourite activity – baking. They worked to produce a booklet of the journey of sugar via the silk road, its use in Victorian baking and the modern-day molecular gastronomy popularised by Heston Blumenthal. She documented her work in recipes, photographs, a website and a historical timeline, which she then took along to her scholarship interview. This gave her the confidence to talk about her interests and showcase her work – earning her an academic scholarship.

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