10am till 12pm, 17th August

11+ Creative Writing Success Masterclass

Adding detail with emotions, show not tell and character description

Years 4-7


  • When? 17th August 2024.
  • What is covered in the Masterclass? Planning and starting a story is hard under pressure – but it doesn’t have to be! Join us to learn the ‘recipe’ of great Creative Writing, be introduced to our box to tricks to help you out when you can’t come up with ideas and practice starting stories for a wide range of story prompts. Say goodbye to staring at a blank page and hello to lots of ideas bouncing off of the page! Years 4-7 welcome.
  • What time is the masterclass? 10am-12pm.
  • What is the cost? £50
  • Can I purchase the 10hr video course as well? Yes, there is the option to book the masterclass and the 10hr video course visit out 11+ page.
  • What else will I receive? You will be emailed a free PDF booklet to download before the masterclass.
  • Who is running the Masterclass? The Education Hotel’s Director Jemma Zoe Smith.

PLEASE NOTE: Regardless of whether you have booked the masterclass on its own or the masterclass + the 10hr video course, students from both types of bookings will attend the same masterclass.

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**This is an online course with screen sharing by the tutor on Zoom – your child will need to have access to a fast & strong internet connection to be able to access the course**