10 creative writing prompts provided


  • Titles
  • One word prompts

(Please note these are different prompts than pack 1)

Each prompt comes with a second instruction AND a picture to help spark your child’s imagination

Second instructions include:

  • literary techniques to use
  • 3 suggested vocabulary words

Step 1
Download the 20 creative writing prompts

Step 2
Have your child complete the first writing task. Full instructions are provided within the download.

Step 3
Email us a photo or scanned copy of your child’s work. Please complete the submission form included with the pack indicating your child’s school year and target schools.

Step 4
We will mark your child’s writing and send you a video recording of our tutors offering detailed feedback on the writing (30 minutes). We will also provide 3 main targets for the next piece of writing

Step 5
Go through the video with your child to understand how to improve

If you want to submit another piece of writing from this pack, please purchase another copy of this pack.