11+ Mock Exam – English and Math – Multiple choice

The Education Hotel is excited to announce our 11+ Mock Exam. This exam can be enjoyed online from the comfort of your own home.

This mock exam cna be downloaded and completed at home. Once complete, you will be able to email us at info@educationhotel.co.uk for marking and feedback PLUS video’s of our tutors completing the exams.


  • When? Whenever you want
  • What is the cost? £25.
  • How does it work? 2 tests to print at home lasting 45 mins each
  • When will I get the paper? Papers will be emailed to you upon purchasing. You will need to print the paper before the exam.
  • What is the paper’s format? English and maths multiple choice questions.
  • Target schools? Grammar schools, students taking the 11+ exam in 2023.
  • What happens after the exam? Once complete, please email the papers directly to us (info@educationhotel.co.uk) so we can provide detailed feedback.
  • What will students receive? Each mock exam also comes complete with a recording of one of our tutors doing the papers for you to review at home.

(Once you have selected your payment method please click the ‘CONFIRM PAYMENT’ button at the bottom of the page)

**This is an online exam with screen sharing by the tutor on Zoom – your child will need to have access to a fast & strong internet connection to be able to access the exam**