Week commencing 15th January for 10 weeks, 6pm weekly each Wednesday – Year 5 11+ English Group Classes

Students who take these classes complete their 11+ English exam with more detailed answers, with greater confidence and techniques to help them check their working, so they can score higher marks in their exam and a higher chance of gaining a place at their top choice of school.

The programme involves live teaching, recordings, homework and personalised feedback. The English paper forms a key part of all 11+ exams and it is vital that your child is able to answer questions and solve problems in a huge range of topics, that go well beyond those in the Year 5 or 6 National Curriculum.

Your child will feel much more confident in their English paper, including the harder, most challenging questions.



  • When? Week commencing 15th January for 10 weeks – weekly on a Wednesday (with a 1 week break for half-term).
  • What is the cost? £15 per week.
  • What is the trial cost? £1.
  • What do I get with the trial? Access to one lesson. You will be emailed this information.
  • Is there a time limit on the trial? From 15th Jan –  05th Feb, parents booking this trial will be sent access to a Zoom link to join our LIVE classes. We regret that after the first 4 weeks of term, we are unable to offer a LIVE trial as it is too disruptive to our course participants. From the 5th of February, parents will be sent a video recording of a previously recorded class.
  • What time is the lesson? 6:00pm till 6:50pm (UK time) on Wednesday.
  • How long is the lesson? 50 minutes.
  • Maximum number of students? 10.
  • What happens if I miss a lesson? A recording is provided upon request for students who miss days of the course. This access will remain for up to 1 week after the course.
  • Does this suit my child? The course will cover both multiple choice and standard answer questions. This means that it suits students applying for grammar, independent and stage 1 and 2 exams.
  • What will students receive? On top of 50 mins of tuition per week, students will receive a weekly independent homework tasks and a weekly lesson report.
  • Who are the tutors? All tutors at The Education Hotel come from the highest academic background and are DBS checked.

Want to find out exactly what’s covered on the course? Scroll through the booklet below:


11+ success Year 5 – all terms by The Education Hotel




Many students can have great English papers, only to be followed by a very low score the next day. It can seem very hard to change a child’s grade in English because there is no one quick fix. This is for you if:

  • You find it hard to gauge if your child is adding enough detail in their answers.
  • Your child struggles with inference questions.
  • Your child struggles with confidence in English. Often a single word that they do not know if enough to put them off of their stride and make lots of mistakes.


(Once you have selected your payment method please click the ‘CONFIRM PAYMENT’ button at the bottom of the page)

**This is an online course with screen sharing by the tutor on Zoom – your child will need to have access to a fast & strong internet connection to be able to access the class.**

**In term time, trials must be taken within 7 days of booking. This means that you will be expected to attend the next available class.**

**If you book a trial outside of the class term time, or in the holidays, you will be required to wait until the course begins and will take your trial on the first day that the classes resume. Please make sure you are available before booking the trial.**


Contact us on Whatsapp 02078 460259 or via emailing info@educationhotel.co.uk