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5pm till 6pm (UK time), 13th till 17th February 2023 – Master Multiplication Tables in 5 days


  • When? 13th till 17th February 2023.
  • Who is this course for? Pre-11+ students. Applicable for students who are struggling to memorise their multiplication tables.
  • What is covered in the course? Songs, games and memory tricks developed to help your child memorise their 1 to 12 timetables. 1hr of live teaching per day + videos to help students practice.
  • What time is the course? 5pm till 6pm (UK time)
  • What is the cost? £100 for the 5 day course
  • Who is running the Masterclass? The Education Hotel’s Director Jemma Zoe Smith.

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**This is an online course with screen sharing by the tutor on Zoom – your child will need to have access to a fast & strong internet connection to be able to access the course**