10am till 12pm, 1st June 2024

The Ultimate 11+ Exam Technique Masterclass – English

Year 5

Our 2-hour intensive masterclass is specifically designed for students gearing up to take their 11+ exams this year. Led by seasoned educators and exam experts, this transformative course goes beyond conventional study methods to equip students with invaluable exam techniques, time management skills, and anxiety-reduction strategies.

From fed up to fabulous – transform your child’s 11+ English journey! Our expert-led masterclass goes beyond mere spelling, punctuation, and comprehension. It delves into the very mindset of success, teaches crucial time management strategies, and equips students with techniques to navigate unfamiliar vocabulary. From effective skimming to immersive deep reading, we cover it all and more.


  • When? 1st June 2024.
  • What is covered in the Masterclass?Mastering Timing: In the fast-paced world of 11+ exams, time is of the essence. We will teach you proven techniques to manage your time efficiently, ensuring you can answer every question with confidence and precision. Dealing with the day – using powerful visualisation exercises, your child will picture their exam day and design routines to help them to focus on the day.Unleashing Accuracy in English: Accuracy is the key to unlocking those extra marks. Our masterclass delves into techniques to improve your accuracy, enabling you to tackle challenging questions with ease and accuracy.The Power of Checking English: Mistakes can cost you dearly. Learn how to effectively check your work without wasting precious time, ensuring your answers are error-free and top-notch.
  • What time is the masterclass? 10am-12pm (UK time).
  • What is the cost? £50
  • What else will I receive? You will be emailed a free PDF booklet to download before the masterclass.
  • What happens if I miss the class? Once the class has finished you will emailed a video link.

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**This is an online course with screen sharing by the tutor on Zoom – your child will need to have access to a fast & strong internet connection to be able to access the course**