Videos are released weekly from 11th September until 1st December

This video course teaches students how to give more detailed answers, with greater confidence and gives techniques to help them check their working, so they can score higher marks in their exam and have a higher chance of gaining a place at their top choice of school.

The videos are prerecorded lessons by our expert 11+ tutors. The tutor will go through how to tackle English, maths or Creative Writing exam papers, key parts of all 11+ exams and SATs. The videos will help your child be able to answer questions and solve problems in a huge range of topics that go well beyond those in the Year 5 or 6 National Curriculum.

By the end of the course your child should feel more confident in taking their English, Maths or Creative Writing papers, including the harder, most challenging questions.



  • When are the videos released? You will receive 1 video lesson in maths, 1 video lesson in Creative Writing or 1 video lesson in English each week from 11th September – 1st December (10 videos in total). If you purchase after this date, you will receive access to the videos all at the same time
  • What is the cost? £35 per term per subject
  • How long is each video? 50 minutes.
  • What happens if I miss a video release? Videos will remain available to you via your login details for the entirety of the term. You will have access to videos for 4 months from your date of purchase.
  • How long will I have access to the videos for? 4 months
  • Does this suit my child? English: the course will cover both multiple choice and standard answer questions. This means that it suits students applying for grammar, independent and stage 1 and 2 exams. Maths: This course covers Math topics tested in both grammar and independent exams. Creative writing – this course covers how to plan, write and check a piece of fictional writing
  • What will students receive? One, 50 mins of video tuition per week, plus a live Q&A each term
  • Who are the tutors in the videos? All tutors at The Education Hotel come from the highest academic background and are DBS checked.
  • My child is ahead of your course, can I see next month’s videos? We currently release the videos as they are filmed.




Term 1: 11th Sept – 1st December (1 week break for Oct half term 23rd -27th October)

Term 2: 8th January – 8th April (1 week break for Feb half term 12th – 16th February)

Term 3: 15th April – 19th July (1 week break for May half term 27th – 31st May)


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Contact us on Whatsapp 02078 460259 or via emailing


Please note – in the course name/subject – please type the term and subject you require e.g. Term 1 – Maths