At The Education Hotel we recognise the importance of  becoming an independent learner.  Using a range of specialist Study Skills Support tutors we can help your child develop strategies to manage their studies effectively.

Your child’s Study Skills tutor can help them to evaluate their existing strengths and study methods. Our tutors support students in areas they may find more challenging by introducing a range of strategies to enhance learning:

  • Note-taking and summarising
  • Memorisation strategies
  • Active reading and reading efficiency techniques
  • Strategies for selecting information
  • Question analysis
  • Planning and structuring essays
  • Organising, ordering and structuring your ideas.
  • Structuring arguments and expressing ideas.
  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation skills.
  • Ways to revise for exams
  • Exam techniques
  • Time management and organisation

Interested In Project Based Learning?

Project Based Learning allows a student to follow their own interests in the analysis of a subject chosen by them. This is perfect for students looking to improve their portfolio when applying to a new school or university.


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