Why choose The Education Hotel group classes?

All of The Education Hotel group classes are designed to offer students a high level of instruction. All group classes include

✅ Classes created by qualified and experienced teachers.

✅ Contain an initial assessment to gauge your child’s level.

✅ Live tuition online with opportunities to ask questions.

✅ 10 students maximum per class – the perfect balance to allow students to share ideas and get individual attention.

Pre-recordings of each session if a child misses a class.

✅ Weekly homework, individually marked to practice the skills learnt in class.

Feedback from tutors after each lesson.

✅ Termly parent meetings.

Key advantages of small group tuition


Small group classes (which normally range between two to ten students) tend to be a fraction of the cost of 1:1 lessons.  This may allow some students to have lessons on a more regular basis, as opposed to just a few intermittent 1:1 lessons.  This continuity and regularity of support is of immense importance when it comes to student progress.

Social aspect

Having other students in your class could be a motivating factor for many students.  They may enjoy the social aspect of learning alongside others they get on with.  Small groups are still much smaller than the average school class size, so students may feel they get the best of both worlds- more focused learning and teacher attention, as well as a fun group environment.

Learning from peers

A benefit of having a few peers is the opportunity to learn from each other and do group tasks.  Students can gain much from admiring a classmate’s ingenious approach to a question, as well as from their mistakes.  Collaborative learning can be particularly beneficial when it comes to more creative subjects where student demonstration is a useful learning tool.


How is homework submitted?

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