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Hourly & Residential Tuition

The Education Hotel

The Education Hotel acts as an introductory agent and is authorised by the tutors on our books to enter into contracts on their behalf. The Education Hotel will do this by taking your enquiry and recommending a suitable tutor. Once The Education Hotel has emailed you the confirmation of the tutor you have agreed to engage, a contract will come into existence between you, the tutor and The Education Hotel.



It is a requirement of representation by The Education Hotel that we have in our possession a copy of the certificate of an Enhanced check through the UK Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) or national equivalent, for the relevant tutor, or a link to the online version of that certificate, before any tuition can be approved.

Any personal information disclosed as part of this process will be handled with care and sensitivity. We are not obliged to disclose any information which is not relevant to the provision of educational services.



You agree that any reviews of your time working with The Education Hotel, online or otherwise, will be directed towards The Education Hotel and not the tutor. This includes anytime a tutor asks you for a quote in an email as well as reviews on sites such as Trustpilot, Google and Tutorcruncher.

The Education Hotel has its own review sites that we ask clients to use. Please contact The Education Hotel if you wish to leave a review.


Payment Of Commission

By engaging a tutor through The Education Hotel, you commit to paying us commission, which will be clearly stated in your invoice.

You agree not to directly or indirectly engage, or offer to engage, the tutor to provide tuition to you on any basis other than through The Education Hotel.

We regret to have to advise that if you breach this agreement, you agree that you shall pay The Education Hotel the sum of £500 as liquidated damages and any commission found or estimated to be due. You agree and accept that this sum represents a reasonable estimate of The Education Hotel’s loss arising from your breach of our contract and monitoring of its potential occurrence.

In order to further protect The Education Hotel’s legitimate business interests, the client covenants with The Education Hotel that they shall not for a period of six months after the termination of this agreement solicit, canvass the business of or approach or send or cause to be sent any marketing material or advertisement to any user to whom they were introduced by the company.

The Education Hotel provides an introductory and administrative service, facilitating private tuition arrangements, providing its services both to the tutor and the client. These services principally consist of (but are not limited to): advertisement of tutor services and client’s requirements; introductory services and administrative support.

The Education Hotel operates as an Employment Agency for the purposes of the Employment Agencies Act 1973.

The Education Hotel does not employ or otherwise contract tutors for the provision of educational services. In engaging the services of the tutor, the client enters into a private agreement with a self-employed individual.

The Education Hotel does not purport to enter into contracts on behalf of the tutor, nor to hold itself out as their agent. The tutor and client remain at all times responsible for the contractual relationship between them.

The Education Hotel is under no obligation to introduce any tutors to the client, likewise as self-employed individuals the tutor is not obliged to accept any projects which may be offered. The tutor is not obliged to make their services available at any time.

We reserve the right to amend these terms as may be required, from time to time. Reasonable efforts will be made to inform both clients and tutors of any such changes, after which time any continued use of our services will be considered to constitute acceptance of these changes.


Tutor Status

The tutors represented by The Education Hotel are self-employed individuals. They are not subject to any right of direction, supervision or control either by The Education Hotel or the client.

Tutors are engaged by clients for their particular skill and expertise and are expected to take full responsibility for the manner in which their services are provided. The tutor will use their discretion in determining the most appropriate teaching method depending on the student’s needs.

It is the responsibility of the tutor to:

  • Agree upon a suitable place of work with the student, whether in person or online.
  • Agree upon the times, dates, frequency and length of the sessions with the student.
  • Determine the teaching method and approach used in any session guided by experience and industry practice.


Acceptance Of These Terms

Upon using services provided by The Education Hotel, the client will be considered to have accepted these Terms.

In accepting these Terms, it is understood that The Education Hotel can make no guarantee as to the outcome of tuition provided, in respect of grades or certification from any educational institution. The quality of the student’s academic work remains their responsibility, and the role of the tutor will never be more than advisory.

Acceptance of these terms will also be understood to signify acceptance of The Education Hotel’s Privacy Policy.



All users must be at least 18 years of age. Students under the age of 18 must at all times use The Education Hotel’s services only in conjunction with and under the supervision of a teacher, parent or legal guardian, or appropriate person aged 18 or over. This person will be understood to be the User, and is responsible for any and all use of our services.

Students younger than 18 may access The Education Hotel’s services, provided that any billed services are guaranteed by a person of 18 years or older, and that the bill-paying account is held in their name.


Unethical Practice

The Education Hotel does not condone any practice which could be construed as plagiarism, academic misconduct, or a violation of intellectual property rights, and reserves the right to withdraw its services from any user considered to have engaged, or sought to engage, in such activities.

In line with industry and quality standards, The Education Hotel reserves the right immediately to withdraw their services from any tutor or client found to have engaged in such practices, or caused them to have been engaged in, or to have requested that this be done.



The Education Hotel reserves the right to select its clients, both tutors and students, and to withdraw its services from any user where this is judged to be appropriate.

The Education Hotel does not consider age, gender, religious belief or any other protected characteristic when selecting our clients.

No user or prospective user will be subject to any detriment on the grounds of any protected characteristic, at any time.

If any user of our services considers that they have been subject to an unfair detriment as the result of a protected characteristic they should contact info@educationhotel.co.uk

Tutors are chosen on the basis of their ability, as demonstrated at interview, their experience, and the likelihood of demand for their services, based on the company’s experience and predictions.


Cancellation Terms – Hourly Placements

For hourly placements, please ensure that you and your tutor have agreed in advance on the arrangements for each lesson.

Please keep info@educationhotel.co.uk CC’ed into all your email correspondence with your tutor.

If you need to cancel or change a lesson, please contact the tutor directly and The Education Hotel’s office. The Education Hotel cannot guarantee to pass on a message to your tutor immediately. Please email your request to cancel a lesson, so there is written proof of your instruction with a time stamp.

Lessons that are cancelled by the client with less than 48 hours’ notice are charged in full.

If you have booked a block of 10 or more hours over a half term or school holiday, we require that you give the tutor at least 7 days’ notice if you wish to cancel 50% or more of the hours, otherwise, the full booking will be charged.

If you reschedule a lesson with less than 48 hours’ notice, this will be treated as a cancellation and, in these circumstances, you agree to pay for the original lesson as well as the rescheduled lesson.

If you reduce the lesson’s duration with less than 48 hours’ notice, you agree to pay for the original number of hours booked.

(If you are taking a course, please see The Education Hotel’s: Course Terms & Conditions)


Cancellation Terms – Residential Placements

For residential placements, please ensure that you and your tutor have agreed in advance on the arrangements for each position.

Positions that are cancelled by the client with less than 14 days’ notice are charged  in full.

Please note where a tutor is booked for a certain number of days, we expect that the contract will be honoured by the client.

A residential placement is classed as any placement where a tutor will need to travel to the client beyond their normal travel, or where the tutor will be working daily with a client in a short period of time.


Termination Of Regular Tuition Terms

If you receive regular weekly or bi-weekly tuition with The Education Hotel and wish to terminate lessons on a permanent or temporary basis, we require you to give notice to both the agency and the tutor in writing by email before terminating lessons.

Our termination policy requires that, once you have provided notice to terminate lessons, you are required to take two further lessons with the tutor in the 14 days after you give notice.

If you choose not to take 2 lessons after you give notice of termination or do not respond to The Education Hotel’s tutor within 7 days, the tutor will assume that you no longer wish to take tuition and is liable to charge for these 2 lessons.

In the event that the two remaining lessons are not completed by the client within one month of informing The Education Hotel and the tutor that you wish to terminate lessons, the Tutor may at their discretion raise a charge for the two remaining lessons.

If you do not give any notice of termination, the tutor is liable to charge for these 2 sessions.

Email your tutor and info@educationhotel.co.uk to inform us of tuition termination.

Our termination policy is enforced from the end of the first lesson with a tutor.

This can be waived at a tutor’s discretion.


Arriving Late To A Lesson

Tutors are expected to wait no longer than 15 minutes for a student to arrive. If a student is more than 15 minutes late, the tutors may leave the lesson and the session will be charged in full.


How to Pay

All invoices are issued through TutorCruncher, our online system, unless otherwise specified.

Invoices are sent after each lesson once the tutor has logged the lesson as complete on Tutorcruncher. Unless stated otherwise, clients are then automatically charged for the lesson via the card they have stored on Tutorcruncher. Electronic payments are administered through a third party payment provider, Stripe. The client will be required to permit the storage of the details of a debit or credit card on this system, to allow payment to be taken automatically for each invoice. If we are unable to take payment via the card that you have added to Tutorcruncher we may contact you and ask for this to be updated.

​​The tutor will be made aware, via Tutorcruncher of any invoices which remain outstanding. It will be for them to decide how to proceed in the event of extended non-payment.

Clients have 5 days to dispute an invoice and receive a refund if the tutor has incorrectly charged for a lesson or if the client has another complaint. Please note The Education Hotel is generally open Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm (UK time) and is not open on the weekends and some holidays such as the Christmas period, so may not be able to answer your queries during these times. 

After 5 days clients can still receive a refund, however, they must pursue this from the tutor.

Any payment already made will be returned to the bank card from which payment was originally made.

It is not possible to return payments to alternative bank cards.

If the relevant card has been cancelled or replaced then credit will be returned via BACS (or CHAPS in the case of a non-UK bank account).

The client must make this clear at the time that the request for return of credit is submitted. Any associated transfer fees will be borne by the client.

We request that you settle your invoices by debit or credit card through TutorCruncher. This is a safe platform that will encrypt your card details for data protection purposes.

Please pay your invoice within 5 days. If an invoice is not settled within 5 days, clients will receive a payment reminder and The Education Hotel will begin pursuing monies owed.

By taking tuition with The Education Hotel, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

If you need to dispute an invoice, please email your tutor and info@educationhotel.co.uk

Tutors are self-employed and rely on invoices to be paid on time. We require all our tutors to fill out their reports and log their hours after each lesson on TutorCruncher. In the case that a tutor does not log their hours in a timely manner after the lesson please let the The Education Hotel and your tutor know. The hours not logged will be updated as soon as the tutor logs their hours correctly.

If you are a taking a course, please see The Education Hotel’s: Course Terms & Conditions


Pricing Policy

Pricing will vary depending on a tutor’s specialism, the type of tuition and whether the client is engaged in a bespoke course.

The price that The Education Hotel charges clients includes the tutor fees and The Education Hotel’s commission.

If you have any queries regarding pricing, please email: info@educationhotel.co.uk


Late Payment Charges

For an invoice overdue by 5 days or more, we reserve the right to:

  • Advise the tutor that he or she stops tuition until the invoice is settled.

For an invoice overdue by 10 days or more:

  • Charge an interest rate of 10% per month on the outstanding commision.
  • Charge an administration fee of £25 for the collection of commission payment.

In the unlikely event that a bill is not paid, The Education Hotel will pass the matter onto Creditreform. Creditreform may add additional charges to recover monies owed.

If you have raised a complaint the late payment penalties may be paused until the matter is resolved. However, we will still advise that the tutor stops tuition until the invoice is settled.



If a client has a complaint against the tutor or The Education Hotel, we regard it as a point of contract that we are informed within 24 hours of the occurrence that gave rise to the objection. If this happens between 6pm on Friday and 9am on Monday (UK time), please email info@educationhotel.co.uk as our office phones are not manned over the weekend or bank holidays. The Education Hotel supplies each tutor in good faith and in the belief that they will perform to the best of their abilities. However, we do not guarantee the performance of the tutor.


Members Club

If you have paid to join The Education Hotel’s Members Club, please note that this payment is non-refundable.

You (the client) agree to not copy or repurpose the content within The Members Club in any way. Including, but not limited to, distributing any resources of the within the Members Club to friends and sharing your login details.

We regret to have to advise that if you breach this agreement, you agree that you shall pay The Education Hotel the sum of £1000 as liquidated damages and any commission found or estimated to be due. You agree and accept that this sum represents a reasonable estimate of The Education Hotel’s loss arising from your breach of our contract and monitoring for its potential occurrence.



Before The Education Hotel begins looking for a tutor for a client, a deposit of £100 must be paid.

The initial £100 fee is broken down into a £50 admin cost and a £50 subscription to access The Education Hotel’s Members Club for 1 year. For the following years, the cost is £100 per year and is billed yearly in full. This subscription can be cancelled at any time by logging into your account. However, it cannot be cancelled retrospectively.

The deposit fee is related to one child regardless of how many subjects they are looking to take/number of tutors they wish to use. The client is only eligible for a refund if The Education Hotel cannot find any of the tutors requested within the 14-day time frame. If one tutor has been found among several requested, the fee is non-refundable.

If you wish The Education Hotel to find tutors for multiple children, an additional fee of £20 per child may be added.

If The Education Hotel is unable to find you a suitable tutor within 14 days, the clients will be given the option to have their deposit refunded or for The Education Hotel to continue looking for a tutor.

If the client chooses not to use a tutor presented to them, The Education Hotel will endeavour to find another tutor. From this moment, the fee is non-refundable. If the client deems the tutor or tutors presented to them unsuitable for any reasonable reason, or where the tutor is at fault over an issue, The Education Hotel will consider refunds on a case-by-case basis. It is a client’s responsibility to let us know their tuition preferences before the deposit is taken. If The Education Hotel is unable to meet your preferences, you will be informed before payment of the deposit. 

Once a tutor has been found and accepted by the client, clients will have an additional 14 days in which to organise their first lesson. If no lessons are organised, the deposit fee is non-refundable. In this case, The Education Hotel reserves the right to refuse to look for additional tutors.

The Members Club is renewed yearly. A reminder email will be sent several weeks before the subscription is renewed to make clients aware of the renewal. However, The Education Hotel is not responsible for reminding clients of this subscription – clients should login to their portal and click on ‘Courses’ to view their subscription(s).

Once the deposit is paid, clients must not share their login details or the content of the Members Club with anyone. We regret to advise that if you breach this agreement, you agree to pay The Education Hotel the sum of £1000 as liquidated damages and any commission found or estimated to be due. You agree and accept that this sum represents a reasonable estimate of The Education Hotel’s loss arising from your breach of our contract and monitoring of its potential occurrence.


Chargebacks On Stripe

Chargebacks via incur a £15 charge, passed onto the The Education Hotel, regardless of whether Stripe finds the claim to be successful or unsuccessful. If the clients claim is found to be unsuccessful, The Education Hotel will charge the client £15 in order to recoup this charge.


Data Protection

The Education Hotel is a registered Data Protection Officer with the Information Commissioner’s Office. We process the personal data of users solely for the purposes of communication, effecting introductions between users, and billing. For further information, please see our Privacy Policy.

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