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Read some testimonials from our clients below.

“Our tutor is priceless!” 
Mother of L

Girl – Age 12
Secondary School Entrance Exams
This young lady had decided she wanted to experience education in the UK, as she had previously been schooled in the USA, and her family needed advice and support during these applications.
The Education Hotel supported her in school selection and offered online and face-to-face tuition in the USA for 1 year. Upon acceptance to a top UK girls’ school, The Education Hotel had been asked to provide ongoing support after school and during the holidays.

“Can you please thank our tutor for all that they have done. They really became part of the family over summer”
Mother of C and E

Boy – Aged 10, Boy – Aged 7
Secondary School Entrance Exams
Both of these brothers had been schooled in Turkey, however, their parents had decided to move to the UK. As such, their sons would be permanently transferred to the UK. The Education Hotel sourced a tutor to teach the boys residentially over the summer period.
This was so successful that the tuition continued via Skype for a year once the boys had returned to school in Turkey. In addition, the Education Hotel offered admissions support to the parents, whose first language was not English. The boys gained school places in the UK and The Education Hotel continues to provide mentoring to the boys as they settle in.

We were so happy to have worked with Jemma. She really helped B become more confident with her material” 
Mother of B

Girl – Aged 17
A level Support
After some negative experiences with other tuition agencies, this family approached The Education Hotel to provide one-off intensive support to their daughter. She was studying at a top UK boarding school, but was struggling with the jump to A levels. She needed to obtain high predicted grades in Biology to apply to a prestigious US university.
The Education Hotel provided a tutor for a short-term summer assignment at the girl’s home in Switzerland to improve her predicted grades. This was so successful that the tutor was asked back the following year in Easter, in order to help the student boost her A level revision.

Thank you for all your help” 
Mother of P

Girl – Aged 17
GCSE Support
This student had deferred her GCSEs once due to undiagnosed processing disorder and anxiety. Her school was not offering support and so her family approached The Education Hotel to provide support for her over the year. The Education Hotel provided support and flew out to the family home in Dubai twice to provide longer-term tuition during the vacations. The student has passed her GCSEs and is now in a more supportive school continuing onto A levels.

F got all Bs! Science, English and Maths all Bs! This is brilliant news! Thank you for all of your help.”
F’s Personal Assistant

Boy – Aged 15
GCSE Support
This student was struggling to juggle his family duties with his upcoming GCSEs. The family had only been alerted to his struggling grades six weeks before his GCSEs. The Education Hotel was contacted to provide a residential tutor who was discrete and flexible whilst the boy was removed from school.
The Education Hotel supplied a tutor who helped the boy to design a timetable around his other commitments, supported him in revision and filled in the gaps where he had been absent from school. The boy returned to school to sit his GCSEs and gained all B grades.

“We were very impressed with the tutor’s CV, friendliness and impact on F’s motivation” 
Father of F

Girl – Aged 15
GCSE Support
The student, a boarder in Oxfordshire, was struggling with revision for her upcoming Maths exams. The Education Hotel was asked to provide an intensive week of tuition during Easter to help her to pass. After a successful Easter, the tutor was asked to return once the student went on study leave, to help coach her through both her Maths and Physics exams.

“L mentioned how much fun this week was. She loved her time in London”
Mother of L

Girl – Aged 12
This student was visiting London for one week whilst her parents had business meetings. She needed to prepare for upcoming secondary school interviews, but also wanted to explore London in her spare time.
The Education Hotel designed a bespoke timetable for this student’s visit. This allowed her and her tutor to focus on interview skills in the morning and in the afternoon activities were chosen, which developed the student’s interests and supported her studies at school in the USA. She was able to take her new knowledge back to school and gained extra credit for her holiday work. She has since returned to London for a long weekend and this arrangement has continued.

“I wanted to say thanks for connecting us with George (tutor). His session with S today was very successful. S said that he learnt a lot… we went to (his prospective) school in the afternoon and S was quite chatty!”
– Mother of S

Boy – Aged 10
English 11+ & Interview Support
This student needed to prepare for upcoming secondary school entrance exams and interviews.
S struggled with confidence and English writing skills, so his tutor put together a bespoke plan focussing on interview skills. S was able to take what he’d learned in his sessions to his new school and confidently impress his new teachers.

Girl – Aged 16

This student lives in Milan and wanted support with her GCSEs in Science and Maths. The Education Hotel supplied a tutor to support her online via Skype and, as the exams drew nearer, another tutor flew out to Italy several times to offer in-person support. The student gained 7s in her GCSEs and has progressed to A levels.

Boy – Aged 14


This student is a child actor and was entering three years of filming in Canada. The Education Hotel was contacted at the last minute because we were already providing assistance to an older sibling for A level support. Our tutors provided revision support, mentoring and ad hoc tuition to help the student stay on track. He has now re-integrated back into school and is thriving!

Boy – Aged 12, Boy – Aged 12

The Education Hotel was approached to provide ongoing academic support for two brothers. They were both Russian, boarding in the UK and struggling to keep up academically with the rest of the class. Whilst they excelled in Maths, their English and Science were lagging.

In response, The Education Hotel sourced a regular tutor who tutored them via Zoom 3 times a week.

Boy – Aged 9, Girl – Aged 11

Both students were based in China and their parents decided to apply to UK boarding schools. In order to prepare them for the exams, the family contacted the Education Hotel.

Girl – Aged 16

“Tom (tutor) did just one lesson with J – which was excellent and provided absolutely what she needed. She was preparing for a 16+ exam and he gave her great guidance on what to expect and how to tackle the papers which she found very helpful in the exam itself. She did not have time to do any further lessons prior to the exam so no need to continue but we would definitely recommend Tom for other students or for my other children if they need help with Latin in the future.”

– Mother of J

Boy – Aged 7

“We are highly impressed with Ed’s commitment to the tutoring process, the connection he is building with Uri, and his genuine desire to find the best ways to motivate him.”

– Mother of Uri


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